Information Technology

The professional background of one of our founding members has allowed us to acquire strong skills in IT recruitment. Indeed, having received his training in renowned IT placement firms while contributing to their success, our colleague was able to transfer his technical knowledge to our team. Since our creation we have strived to maintain a strong internal IT culture and have worked hard to develop our competencies and network.

Beyond the deep knowledge of the IT recruitment market and of the specialized tools available to firms to source and attract qualified profiles, our strength lies in our ability to understand every project and to adjust depending on the context.

Our expertise allows us to find adequate profiles on behalf of our Clients regardless of the phase of the project: design specification, implementation, testing, existing solution roll-out, evolutionary or corrective maintenance. We work with technical and functional Consultants experts in ERPs, databases, BI & reporting, infrastructure and programming languages​​. We understand the issues faced by end-using companies as well as those faced by integrators

BY axyneT